Stealth of love

Stealth of love

Voor Jowanne


The stealth of love


Love force one, come in. You ‘re so dear,

and hear this message loud and clear.

Code 666, because you ’re way too near,

and every woman destroys the man she loves.


You ‘re the stealth of love. So far above,

for me you ‘re a proof of celestial love.

Beyond good and evil. You live above,

yes, you simply ‘re the stealth of love.


You are the angel of the night. In that light,

to suffer forever shall be a true delight.

Your curves are heavenly. Full promises of passion,

Dressed to kill; and following the latest fashion!


‘Theatre of love, theatre of power!

My moods swing almost every hour.

I ‘m teaching love; so I  came,

offering you pain. Let’s call it a game.


Lust and love. Search and destroy. It’s all right.

Your beauty is fire. You ‘re the stealth of love.

Show me. Please, show me your merciless might,

Because I’m the chosen one, so full of love.[1]


  [1]Door Wouter Serdijn werd deze songtekst van muziek voorzien en in 2003 op cd uitgebracht. Zie verder:

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